Rebecca is currently a postdoctoral research associate at the Institut Pasteur in the Genetics of Biofilms Unit within the Microbiology Department. Her current research focuses on microbial ecology within a gnotobiotic zebrafish model to determine mechanisms of colonization resistance. We are examining these interactions using quantitative meta-‘omics, molecular biology, and in vivo manipulation assays.

Her doctoral research at the University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography focused on oyster-associated microbiomes and how they are affected by estuarine acidification, nutrient loading, disease, or probiotics. We used traditional microbiology techniques, bioinformatics, and statistical modelling applied to aquaculture or field experiments to determine how bacteria in oysters contribute to their resilience and ability to provide ecosystem services.

For more information, please explore Current Research or see her CV: Stevick_CV (updated April 2023)


Microbiota-pathogen-host interactions in larval zebrafish

Investigating colonization resistance against Flavobacterium in zebrafish and trout models.

Estuarine acidification and oyster health

Understanding how oyster microbiomes and health change along a eutropication gradient.

Nutrient enrichment and oyster microbiomes

Determining the responses of oyster microbiomes when exposed to high nutrient conditions.

Probiotics in oyster larviculture

Exploring how probiotic treament alters oyster hatchery microbiomes.


Graduate Teaching Assistant

Assisted with grading exams and assignments: 125 students total.

Graduate Teaching Assistant

General education class with emphasis on human impacts on the ocean: 80 students.
Guest lecture: Sustainable Aquaculture

Curriculum Development of RStudio Labs

Integrated R and RStudio into the curriculum for Introductory Bio students. Implemented 4 teaching modules with RStudio and wrote supplementary material (PowerPoints, troubleshooting guides, informational posters, and lab manuals) for this core curriculum course.
Course materials can be found on GitHub.

Lab Instructor

General lab practices and data analysis using R: 75 students in 3 2-hour lab sections. Prepared weekly quizzes, administered labs, and grading.

Outreach Materials

Outreach tool created to show the organs of an oyster and how they fit together.

Web app of oyster health and environmental parameters for outreach.

Outreach Activities

Innovator Speaker Series presenter

Preparing for Graduate School at URI

Letters to a Pre-Scientist pen pal

Women in Science Day at Mystic Aquarium

Volvo Ocean Race Ocean Exploration Zone

Society for Women in Marine Science Symposium

Bay Informed Discussion Series

Presenter: The Microbial Ocean, February 2018

URI Office of Marine Programs

URI-GSO Open House exhibitor and R/V Endeavor tour guide

Chowder & Marching Student Society

National Ocean Sciences Bowl

Newport International Boat Show